Saturday, June 1, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Since putting Grindhouse Goodies into it's tomb for a rest I've had a new project to occupy my time. Lunchboxes.

It all started with my friend Lana making a Donner Party lunchbox, that got the gears grinding for me. Lunchboxes are a wonderful medium to work in, they don't require me to have a lot of artistic skill, it doesn't demand a lot of time and attention, and oddly enough, I find it relaxing.

The first two boxes I made were for the Flint Horror Con, I made a Manson Family box and a Friday the 13th box that focused mostly on the first film. I even got First Jason himself Ari Lehman to sign it! I have few pictures of the Jason one because I made it last minute and raffled it off before documenting it properly, but the person who won it went home happy, and that's what counts.

From there I moved on to lunch box purses, and that came about from a Marilyn Manson lunchbox, because I knew there was more of a chance of a goth girl using it as a purse to take to the clubs/concerts than for someone to use as an actual lunchbox.

I am in the process of finishing up a Pink Flamingos box and then In Gore Taste will be going live! It'll take a while before I get the new shop stocked up, but the wait will be worth it.

Also, check out Lana's blog for more lunchbox fun:

Back of Pink Flamingos Flask/Thermos

Front of Flask/Thermos 

Front of the Manson Family Box

The victims (Back of box)

Family members

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